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Surprising Things That Could Ruin Your Interview

No matter how prepared you are, or how many questions you’ve practised, or your great list of questions to ask, there are some major faux pas that could completely damage your impression with the recruiter. In order to put the best foot forward, avoid doing the following:

Showing up really really early

Showing up 10 minutes before your interview is perfect, even 15 minutes is fine, but if you are sitting an waiting for 20-30 minutes this is a huge red flag for employers. Being too early shows you can’t manage your time well enough to arrive when you are supposed to. Plus now you are forcing the company to deal with you for half an hour of their time – does the receptionist have to make you feel comfortable, have you made the interviewers feel pressured or rushed?  Showing up on time (5-10 minutes ahead) is the most professional thing you can do.

Pro tip: Giving yourself plenty of extra time is smart, so if you arrive super early, find a coffee shop, bench or parking spot around the corner and just wait until a more appropriate time to show up. Bonus: now you are relaxed and not rushing into the interview at the last minute.

Being too prepared

robot-02You’ve spent hours researching the company, rehearsing answers and practising your body language in a mirror. You are going to knock this interview out of the park! …Sorry, but there is a big danger here: being a robot. Companies are looking to hire people, and with people come unique personalities, attitudes and emotions. No matter how perfect your answers are, you need to show you are a good employee, an interested and interesting person. Often cultural fit and attitude can determine if someone is hired, not if they have technically perfect answers.

Rehearsing is great, but remember to loosen up and relax a bit during the interview. No one is perfect, and the interviewer knows this – they want to get a sense of you as a person and an employee, and acting robotic is not going to make the personal connection they want.

Not saying thank you

This seems like a no-brainer, but it can be easy to forget. At the end of the interview, give a sincere “thank you” for their time and the opportunity. Make eye contact and shake the interviewer’s hand to show your appreciation. This is basic politeness, so it will be noticed if you walk out without saying anything.

Not saying you want the job

This one goes hand-in-hand with saying thanks. Don’t assume simply showing up for an interview and answering questions correctly means you really want the job. At the end of the interview, before or after your ‘Thank you’ say explicitly that you are really excited about the position and it’s an opportunity you really want.

All things equal, the employer will choose the candidate that genuinely seems enthusiastic about the job and the company than the one that seems disinterested.

Not watching your mouth

We get it, nerves make you blurt out the craziest things – but sometimes this can really backfire. In any professional setting, you must be extra careful about what you say, and what’s appropriate.

Do not offer any personal information or opinion that isn’t relevant to the job. The interviewer does not need to know about your personal issues, or that you really like the Mexican restaurant next door. Think about what is important to the job, and stick to those topics. Interviews aren’t about telling your life story, so watch out you don’t start talking about irrelevant topics. Stay professional.


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Survey Busts Recruiting Software Myths

Recruiting software is still very much misunderstood. For every company that uses software in their hiring process, we come across those who have never even heard the term ‘applicant tracking’. Until this technology is more widespread, there remain some misconceptions: “it’s too expensive,” “I won’t have ownership of my data,” “it’s really difficult to learn” etc. However, looking at results from a recent survey completed by recruiting technology research firm Software Advice, we can see that current recruitment software users are proving three big misconceptions to be completely untrue Continue reading

HireGround Partners with U of C


U of C to Assist HireGround With a Project Entitled “Mining HR Knowledge from Text”

Calgary, AB (October, 2014) – HireGround Software Solutions has been selected by the University of Calgary, Computer Science Department as one of the industry collaboration projects for the capstone course CPSC 594. The project is in the area of “Mining HR Knowledge from Text” and is going over two terms (Fall 2014 – Spring 2015). CPSC 594 is a senior undergraduate course for those students wishing to receive a BSc with a concentration in Software Engineering.

The goal of the course is for students to apply their software engineering knowledge in a practical project that is relevant to the industry. It is part of the departments effort to ensure that the science and engineering knowledge gained from the courses taken in the Software Engineering program is complemented by experience from running real-world projects of practical relevance, as stated by Guenther Ruhe, the academic leading the course.

Four software engineering students will focus on harvesting Human Resources based knowledge from the text corpus and the web over the coming eight month period. This HR knowledge base will assist HireGround in building an intelligent system to automate mapping and searching between resumes and job descriptions.

“The support the University of Calgary will offer in assisting HireGround in meeting this goal is much appreciated” said Marilynn Kalman, President of HireGround Software Solutions as “automatically deriving a knowledge base from mountains of resumes both documents and web-based is an enormous task”.

About HireGround Software Solutions:
Since 1999, HireGround has established itself as leading provider of Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). HireGround is recognized for its strong customer support, ease of use software, and ability to customize software processes to meet individual client requirements. HireGround also owns and operates a job board focused on advertising positions in the technical areas of Construction, Energy, Engineering, Field Services, Manufacturing and Mining.

HireGround Contact: Briana Thayne, Marketing Department
Phone: 403-244-1895 x224

University of Calgary Contact: Gunther Rue