What’s the Real Advertising Cost per Hire? [Infographic]

We wrote an earlier post about initial survey findings on cost per hire – how much companies spending on advertising for each new employee. The survey, conducted by Software Advice, an online resource for HR & recruiting software buyers, is now complete, and has revealed some interesting trends. Companies of all sizes, with varying advertising budgets and number of new employees shared how much they are spending to promote their jobs.

15 Absurd Job Titles

Have a look at this list of ridiculous (and real) job titles. Are companies just trying to make an average job seem more unique? Or are they trying to prove how ‘edgy’ or ‘out-of-the-box’ they are? Whatever the reason, there are some bizarre job titles out there: 1. Digital Prophet: a role at AOL 2. Retail Jedi: This may be a case of making retail jobs sound much better than they often are. Anyone else think this term is more humiliating than cool? 3. Innovation Sherpa: So they carry around a lot of other people’s ideas? 4. Happiness Heroes: This one is all about social media of course. … see the full list over at Mashable.

summer job

The Right Way to End your Summer Job

With August rolling in, this means the beginning of the end of summer. It will be fall before we know it, and for many students this means back to school, and the end of the summer job. Whether you love or hate your job, if you want to make it permanent, or can’t wait for it to be over – there is a right way and a wrong way to end your summer employment. A big mistake now can come back to hurt your career later on.