Checklist for a true mobile application process

3 in 5 job seekers are searching using a mobile device. However, despite most of their applicants preferring to use their smartphone or tablet, 80% of companies still do not offer a mobile-friendly career page. Even worse, 95% of fortune 500 companies do not have a mobile-friendly application process.

Soon, companies that do not support mobile applications will be left behind, ignored by the growing number of technology-focused job seekers. If it’s time for your company to make the transition to a mobile application process, make sure it’s done right. It’s not enough to have information fit on a smaller screen, applying on a phone needs to be a positive experience. Continue reading

4 Warning Signs That a Job Ad is a Scam

For some people, working from home is a dream job: offering a bit of flexibility, independence, and the chance to work in pajamas. Employers see the value in remote workers as well, and know that these jobs are in high demand. Companies can afford to be selective in who they hire, so if you want to land a remote job, you must prove your trustworthiness and ability to get work done independently, and on time.

If you are searching online for a telecommuting or work from home position, you might think you’ve found the easy way out. Look at all the jobs available, and no experience needed! But look again, how many of those jobs are real? And how many are scams? Continue reading

Cranes at Sunset

Hottest Job Markets in Canada

The top two fastest growing municipalities for employment are in Alberta: Wood Buffalo (including Fort McMurray) and Grande Prairie. Three other Albertan areas are also included in the top 20 job markets in Canada, as identified by the federal Job Bank maintained by Employment and Social Development Canada.

The study looked at the top 100 most populous municipalities in the country and counted how many job openings there were in July and August, 2014.

The most common types of job available were retail sales persons and sales clerks.

This is a great list to look through if you are considering moving to find a job: there may be plenty of opportunities closer to home, or you may want to look at a province you hadn’t considered before. There are areas from both sides of the country in the top 20 list.

The top 5 hottest job markets from the summer of 2014 are:

  1. Wood Buffalo, AB
  2. Grande Prairie, AB
  3. Regina, SK
  4. St. John’s, NL
  5. Edmonton, AB

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3 Questions to Answer Before Leaving your Job

Are you planning to quit your job? No matter what your reason for leaving (good or bad) there are a few questions you should know the answers to before walking out. Planning your exit will benefit your future career or job search.

The first is whether you are performing well in your job. If you are only a mediocre employee consider delaying your departure for a couple weeks to leave a stronger impression. Consider your supervisors and co-workers and how they could be a help to you in terms of networking, references or connections in the future. You don’t want their last impression of you to be less-than good.

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Job Interview going downhill? Here’s how to save it.

No matter how prepared you are for an interview, sometimes they just don’t go as planned.

Perhaps you never felt a good connection with the interviewers or you can’t tell what they think of your answers. They aren’t laughing at your witty comments and they are throwing curveball questions you just weren’t expecting. You can’t tell if you are making a good impression, or if this interview is a failure.

Staying calm and confident is always important to a successful interview, and never more so then when you are feeling just the opposite.

Jane Trnka, executive director of the Career Development Center at Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business is featured on Mashable, and shares some professional insight about identifying difficult interview situations, and what you can do to salvage them. Her advice for any interview? “The way to avoid the situation of an interview going wrong is to make sure you are prepared.”

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Don’t ignore the brown squirrels

I’ve recently read two articles that focus on how employers say they’re having a hard time filling their open positions, yet it turns out they are dismissing qualified candidates. In an article, “Is there Really a Skills Gap?” Cait Murphy writes,

Simply put, employers pile on so many requirements that finding a match is like hunting for a white elephant: They do exist but are vanishingly rare… if they don’t find the white elephant, they will keep hunting–even though there are willing elephants ready to do the job.”

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