Rejected stamp

One Simple Way to Improve your Hiring Data

We have a great, long-time client whose team does something interesting: they write a note on each applicant to say why that person didn’t make the cut. We thought this was such a great idea we incorporated rejection reasons into our new software from the very beginning. Whether you track this information with manual notes, or as part of a system feature, this information can help you in many ways. We’ve listed six, and hope they’ll make you consider tracking rejections as part of your process. Continue reading

Don’t ever make this interview mistake

If you bring your parents to an interview, you aren't getting the job

At a job interview you are there to prove that you are a responsible adult. That you can work independently. That you can perform well while not under supervision. That you don’t need your hand held in stressful or important situations. That you are capable of thinking for yourself and solving your own problems.

Bringing mommy or daddy to an interview undermines all of this – making you look like a child.

If your parents are the ones who are insisting they come, you MUST adamantly refuse, push back, and not allow them past the front door of the building. Not only will they not help in any way, their appearance will cost you the job.

ATS Myth Busted: Good candidates will never be discarded!

“Applicant tracking software rejects good candidates.” That is a complaint that comes from using systems that have been configured or used incorrectly. ATS software should never reject what may be a good candidate!

One example of how a candidate could be discarded is when a recruiter uses automatic filtering, or pre-screening ‘stop questions’.  Continue reading


Checklist for a true mobile application process

3 in 5 job seekers are searching using a mobile device. However, despite most of their applicants preferring to use their smartphone or tablet, 80% of companies still do not offer a mobile-friendly career page. Even worse, 95% of fortune 500 companies do not have a mobile-friendly application process.

Soon, companies that do not support mobile applications will be left behind, ignored by the growing number of technology-focused job seekers. If it’s time for your company to make the transition to a mobile application process, make sure it’s done right. It’s not enough to have information fit on a smaller screen, applying on a phone needs to be a positive experience. Continue reading