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All software updates associate with our Applicant Tracking System and the Job Board.

New Corporate Solutions Lite

Now human resources departments with fewer recruiting needs can enjoy the same time-saving software tools as large corporations while maintaining their budget!

Corporate Solutions Lite

With all of the essential features of our applicant-tracking system and fewer fees, it is the ideal solutions for corporations with limited hiring requirements.

Corporate Solutions Lite includes

  • Reporting Capabilities
  • Resume Intake
  • Candidate Tracking
  • Automatic Notification of New Applicants
  • High-Speed Search Engine
  • Security and Privacy
  • Candidate Flagging
  • Ownership of Your Data
  • Automated Search Capabilities
  • Email Tracking
  • File Uploading
  • Resume Importing
  • Skills Matrix
  • Message Centre

Corporate Solutions Lite is our most cost effective solution!
It was designed for the needs of smaller HR teams of up to 3 users who need a robust applicant tracking system, but have limited resources.

To inquire how our Corporate Solutions Lite software package can enhance your company’s HR team by contacting our Sales department.

1.877.218.7504 ext.225

HireGround Products Video

Our Products

Corporate Solution – Applicant Tracking Software; offers the most innovative, cost effective, and customer centric application tracking system software on the market.
HGCareers is a targeted job board specalizing in professional, technical, and skilled trades jobs.
The job board hs over 40,000 members and collects 2400 views per day. We engage search engine optimization (SEO), social media and cross posting to bring you the best results!

Meet the HireGround Team!

Our First Group Shot!

We are in the process of doing a lot of exciting stuff here at HireGround this summer.

  • Working on the V2, the second generation of our Applicant Tracking Software
  • Filming a corporate video
  • Starting Webinars
  • Looking at new ways for people to apply for jobs online
  • Planning a V2 release party for the fall
  • Working on mobile versions of our job board
  • Working with many new Clients

With all this going sometimes it’s good to just step back, enjoy the process and the people you work with!


HireGround: New Support Personnel

HireGround Software would like to acknowledge a change to HireGround’s Support staff, your point of contact for inquiries and issues with our Corporate Solutions applicant tracking software as well as the job board.

After two years in the role Hir Ground wishes Neil Ericson the best in his future endeavours. HireGround appreciates the friendliness and patience with which Neil approached job seekers and corporate clients.

HireGround welcomes Martin Albertsen. Martin will be in charge of receiving all client and job seeker inquiries. Martin will also play a vital role in HireGround quality assurance, and his experiences with client and job seeker questions and concerns will figure heavily with HireGround’s ongoing software development.

Martin can be reached at:


Phone: (403) 244-1895 ext 221

Support links in our software send e-mails directly to Martin’s email address.

If you have any questions about HireGround Support processes, do not hesitate to contact Martin.

More Flexibility in Limited (Hiring Manager) Account Setup

Client Companies with Hiring Managers and personnel not fully involved with the posting of jobs and management of all candidate résumés can now enjoy greater control over the limited accounts used to accommodate these user types.

The limited accounts offer full independent control (turn on/off) over their limited user role’s permission to:

  • Search Database On/Off – Examine profiles of any/all candidates in the database vs. only candidates considered for jobs they are working with
  • Candidate Tracking On/Off – Move candidates through the hiring process (eg. Move to Pending, Interview, Hired, Rejected)
  • View Other Lists Candidate is in – See whether a candidate is or has been considered for any other job competitions. Turning off also hides user’s ability to view activity report history, and masks which list titles a particular Human Resources note was made within.


Contact HireGround for more information or to have your limited user account permissions checked/changed.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new functionality, please contact HireGround Support at or (403) 244-1895 ext 221.