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ATS Myth Busted: Good candidates will never be discarded!

“Applicant tracking software rejects good candidates.” That is a complaint that comes from using systems that have been configured or used incorrectly. ATS software should never reject what may be a good candidate!

One example of how a candidate could be discarded is when a recruiter uses automatic filtering, or pre-screening ‘stop questions’.  Continue reading ATS Myth Busted: Good candidates will never be discarded!

Checklist for a true mobile application process

3 in 5 job seekers are searching using a mobile device. However, despite most of their applicants preferring to use their smartphone or tablet, 80% of companies still do not offer a mobile-friendly career page. Even worse, 95% of fortune 500 companies do not have a mobile-friendly application process.

Soon, companies that do not support mobile applications will be left behind, ignored by the growing number of technology-focused job seekers. If it’s time for your company to make the transition to a mobile application process, make sure it’s done right. It’s not enough to have information fit on a smaller screen, applying on a phone needs to be a positive experience. Continue reading Checklist for a true mobile application process

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Corporate Solution – Applicant Tracking Software; offers the most innovative, cost effective, and customer centric application tracking system software on the market.
HGCareers is a targeted job board specalizing in professional, technical, and skilled trades jobs.
The job board hs over 40,000 members and collects 2400 views per day. We engage search engine optimization (SEO), social media and cross posting to bring you the best results!