The Dawn of Generation Z

Is the upcoming generation prepared to find work and be productive? Are we ready for this group of youngsters? It’s important, that as their future employers, mentors, teachers and advisers that we do our very best to prepare them for the world we live in today.

We’ve written about what makes this generation unique, and how our workplaces should be changing with the incoming digital and social workforce.

See what we’ve learned

Studies and employer experiences show that Gen Z are:

  • More socially and globally connected than any previous generation
  • Display the high self-esteem and confidence that comes from a lifetime of positive feedback and an internet knowledge base at their fingertips
  • More likely to be entrepreneurial
  • Extremely attached to their technological devices – frequently at the expense of their job
  • Sometimes unreliable or unwilling to take responsibility
  • More comfortable communicating online or by text than via a phone call