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Jobs for Night Owls

Do you hate waking up in the morning? Are you someone who feels most productive at night? Everyone has a time when they feel most alert, most comfortable and have the most energy. For some, this is during the day, but others are happiest at night.

If you are struggling to pull yourself together for a 9-5 job and relying on coffee to make it through the morning, it might be time for a change of scene. There are plenty of jobs that are perfectly suited to night owls. Some require extensive training and education, while others are entry-level. No matter where you are in your career, if you are a night owl, one of these jobs might be life changing:

Security Guards. Office buildings, shopping centres museums, zoos, condo buildings and many other organizations all require night-time security. First aid training and a security guard license may be required.
Average salary: $12.26/hour

Firefighters. Here’s a high-adrenaline job that saves lives! Emergency services are on call 24 hours a day, leaving plenty of room for the less-popular overnight shifts. While not for everyone, firefighting can be a very rewarding career. A college course and thorough first aid training will be required, as well as a high level of physical fitness.
Average salary: $57,000/year

Police officers. An integral part of making towns and cities safe, police officers catch the criminals, enforce the law and make sure citizens are safe. Every day can bring something unexpected, and while some aspects of this job are stressful, police officers help make communities better places to live. Start with a Police Foundations course at a community college.
Average salary: $77,668/year

Health Care workers. With sufficient education, you can become a nurse or paramedic, but aides, technicians and office assistants are also required around the clock in medical centres. Hospitals employ hundreds of staff of all backgrounds – look into your local health centre to see what’s in demand.
Average salary varies

Casino workers. Casinos are entertainment meccas, remaining open 24 hours a day. Inside a casino, it doesn’t matter what time it is – gamblers and card players are always around. Dealers and staff, including security, restaurant, bartenders, cleaners, managers and supervisors are all required morning and night. Pick the job that fits your skill set here, with so many different options available.
Average salary varies

Taxi Drivers. Get to know the inner workings of your city as you drive home late-night revelers, airport arrivals and tourists. If you enjoy meeting people there’s an endless supply of new faces, or simply keep to yourself (or talk on the phone). A clean driver’s license will be required.
Salaries range from $20,000 to $59,000

Malaysia-The-Loaf-Bakery-13Pastry chefs & bakers. Work overnight to prepare fresh-baked products to be ready for the morning. Restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores all require fresh-baked goods daily. Once you are done creating delicious-smelling food, you can head back to bed, win-win!
Average salary: $13/hour

Freelancing. While you likely won’t be able to avoid working during the day, when you freelance you can set your own hours, and ensure meetings and phone calls aren’t scheduled in the morning. Whether this is writing, programming, designing or photographing, you will need to excel at your craft, and know how to run your own business.
Average salary varies

Bar & Lounges. As a night owl, a job in a bar or lounge that stays open until the early hours could be a perfect fit. Bartenders, bouncers, servers and bar staff are all options, and require little training or education.
Average salary: $10/hour

Technical support & helpline staff. These jobs are a good fit for tech-savvy people who can communicate technical issues and solutions clearly. A background in a related technical field, or a very good understanding of the particular product are needed. Perhaps not as glamorous a job as some, but one that generates great stories.
Average salary: $40,000/year

Hotel staff. Hotels are always open, whether to welcome late arrivals, or to support current guests. Positions include front desk, cleaners, restaurant staff and bar staff among others. Education requirements depend on position, but there can be great opportunity for advancement, or re-location to new cities.
Average salary varies