The Difference Between Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Should my LinkedIn profile match my resume?

No! Your LinkedIn profile should not be the same as your resume. In fact, your online profile can expand on your resume by offering new information.

Your resume should show the information related to landing a specific job. Focus on how your experience fits with the position and employer you are applying to. A resume offers quality over quantity.

Be consistent

Your resume and LinkedIn profile should not match, but should never contradict each other. Basic information should be the same: make sure double check your work history dates, job titles and other key details. If one doesn’t match the other, employers may assume you are lying.

General vs. Specific Information

Where a resume must be specific, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to expand on some of your interesting experience, and add information that is useful to any employer.

LinkedIn can show your summary or objective line, which is usually a waste of space on a resume. Because LinkedIn is not as formal as a resume, your objective line can truly show your personality.

While your resume should never have an image, your LinkedIn profile needs one: show your friendly smiling face, and wear professional-looking clothing.

What’s more, LinkedIn is a great place to hold recommendations from former employers, managers or co-workers. This type of information would never belong on a resume, but having positive recommendations looks good to potential employers or recruiters looking at your profile. Recommendations give a sneak peak at what your references will say about you. Try requesting a paragraph from your previous job connections – this is an easy way for your references to help you out.

trophyblueLinkedIn can also visually showcase your skills: post portfolio images, publish well-written opinion articles and post about your latest accomplishments and insights. LinkedIn offers sections to post your projects, publications and courses – take advantage of these to build a well-rounded and compelling profile.

Similarly, add volunteer work, causes, organizations and hobbies, even if they are not related to your professional field. LinkedIn shows more than just your professional life, it gives insight into who you are as a person (and employers care about this too!)

Employers expect to find more than just a repeat of your resume on LinkedIn, so make the most of what your online profile can offer.