ATS Resume View Update

Two noteworthy enhancements have just been released for our StartDate ATS system:

  1. Change to Display of Candidate Information When a Candidate is Selected
  2. Ability to Toggle Between “Resume View” and “Parsed View”

Change to default setting for viewing candidates in a job

Previously, the system would display the list of Hiring Stages, Candidates by name, and the selected Candidate’s information. Now, the system will function in the following fashion:

candidate list view_feb2015

When the Recruiter selects a Candidate to view, the list of Hiring Stages will move off screen to provide more space to view the Candidate’s information. Click the new “Show Stages” button to return to the list of Hiring Stages.

Ability to Toggle Between “Resume View” and “Parsed View”.

When a Candidate provides information by uploading a resume, the system automatically parses the document and extracts the Summary, Objective, Work Experience, and Education text into their own folder sections (along with other folder sections for Notes, Cover Letter, Contact Info, Custom Questionnaire, etc.) This is a useful method to quickly check Candidate information by focussed area.

The Recruiter or Hiring Manager also has the option to download the original document to view it in its native format using Microsoft Word, a PDF reader, etc. This is a useful method for looking at a Candidate’s complete submission with the cosmetic formatting they used to craft the document.

HireGround has now added an additional viewing option, the “Resume View”. Now, the Recruiter can view the full text content of a Candidate’s uploaded (resume) document in the folder view. Unlike the Parsed view, the Resume View retains all text from the uploaded resume document, rather than just extracting Summary, Work Experience, and Education.


Recruiters and Hiring Managers can quickly toggle between the two views from the Candidate’s Profile Menu.

Stay Tuned! We have many more exciting enhancements planned for this year.