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What to consider in an ATS

An ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) can be a wonderful tool to help you streamline your hiring process by helping you keep track of applicants, job postings, time lines, interviews, and so much more. They can even match candidates that already exist in your system to new job postings – without having to wait for anyone to apply. But what do you need to consider before purchasing an ATS? Here are some tips:

1. Consider your own company and situation.

Are you a small start-up company, or are you a larger firm trying to fill dozens of positions at once? Is your hiring consistent year over year, or are you growing quickly? Establish your needs, and compare those against what an ATS can provide. There are many ATS products out there, with many different services and options, but a product is only useful if it can help (and not hinder!) your processes.

2. Consider your budget.

You might want a full-fledged ATS with all the fixings, but you might only be able to afford a basic package. Shop around. Capterra is a great website for comparing different kinds of software – be wary though, as the first ATS providers you see may be the ones charging the most – remember, they can afford the advertising space for a reason (and may be inflating their price). Always check #1 (your company and situation) against #2 (cost).

3. Consider your Hiring Managers.

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How much of a hand do managers at your company have in the hiring process? Are they involved right from the beginning, or do they come in after the initial screening? How willing are they to use new technology and change their habits? An ATS can be a great way to facilitate communication and empower hiring managers to make decisions… but only if they are willing to use an online tool. Consider a company strategy when adopting new technology to make the transition smoother. Maybe all hiring managers have tablets or company phones they can use, or maybe they can be given more access to the ATS over time.

4. How much are you willing to change your current process?

Some ATS providers offer a greater amount of customization and flexibility than others. You may want specific workflows for certain jobs, questionnaires for various types of positions or reports showing unique company data. Are you willing to adapt your hiring process to make best use of an ATS features, or should you look for one can adapt to your process?

Remember that an ATS is designed to take the hiring process from a manual and paper-based system to an online system, and there will be naturally be changes to old processes because of this.

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