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Lot of applicants? Don’t get buried in that resume list.

Some types of jobs attract a ton of resumes. Sometimes the company itself is popular, but there are always certain jobs that just pull in huge numbers of applicants.

Whether these are entry-level, student jobs, summer jobs, co-op programs, part-time or unskilled labour… they all mean piles of resumes.

If you handle these types of popular positions we hope you are past the stage of piles of paper resumes and instead have a seemingly endless list of digital resumes. That’s a good place to start.

Through our job board we’ve seen companies regularly attract hundreds and hundreds of applications to their postings. Even with a relatively low unemployment rate out here in Western Canada, there are always people eager for work, or looking to relocate. We’ve seen the hard numbers, and we know this is a common challenge for HR pros in many industries: retail, hospitality, food services and construction to name a few.

So what’s the best way to handle the lengthy list? Scan through each one in 6 seconds or less? Throw out half without even looking? Send out a question or request for more information? Make a ton of pre-screening phone calls? All of those methods take hours of work, and are so repetitive they should be done by a robot.

I have good news: we’ve built not just one, but two powerful tools to do all this mind-numbing screening work for you. We’ve used them ourselves, and some of our clients love them so much they’ve taken out a step from their hiring process. It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

Ask a stop question. Whether this is alongside a traditional resume, or as part of an application questionnaire, stop questions can give you the answer to key pre-screening questions, and reject those applicants that aren’t qualified. A simple “Do you have a work visa?” “Are you qualified to work in Canada?” “Do you have XYZ certification?” or “Are you available on Tuesdays after 5pm?” can give you an immediate answer to a vital question. Those applicants who aren’t free on Tuesday nights won’t even make it into your list.

Add a filter. Is there a specific skill that is needed for this job? Do you scan through resumes looking for keywords and reject those that don’t include certain terms? Here’s your chance for a computer to do all the dirty work. When posting a job, add the necessary keyword(s) and all applicants that don’t include that word in their resume, cover letter or application will be automatically rejected. At HireGround, we’ve used it to filter for a particular coding language, but each industry and profession has their own needs.

(Don’t worry, you can always look at those people who were rejected by the system if needed.)

So stop spending time scanning resumes or calling people to ask a single question. Tasks like this are what computers were designed for! Take a step out of your hiring process, and spend your time on the human side of HR.

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