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What’s the Real Advertising Cost per Hire? [Infographic]

We wrote an earlier post about initial survey findings on cost per hire – how much companies spending on advertising for each new employee. The survey, conducted by Software Advice, an online resource for HR & recruiting software buyers, is now complete, and has revealed some interesting trends.
Companies of all sizes, with varying advertising budgets and number of new employees shared how much they are spending to promote their jobs. Continue reading What’s the Real Advertising Cost per Hire? [Infographic]

Vacation Time Around the World: Infographic

Ever wished you had more vacation days? Or that the office was closed an extra day or two in the summer? It’s interesting how much of a difference in paid holidays there are around the globe. Austrian and Portuguese workers can get over a month of paid time off each year, while the USA has a grand total of zero paid holidays! This makes Canada look like a great place to work, with a modest 18 days each year.


Free Job Postings: Alberta Clean-up

Assistance with Challenges of Finding Flood Damage Assistance

We at HireGround Jobs recognize the challenges with finding available workers to assist with the flood damage rebuild for southern Alberta. Our team owns rubber boots and can shovel mud with the best, but felt that offering our job advertising services would be of greater assistance during this challenging time.

HireGround Software owns and operates a job board that assists companies in filling skilled worker and professional jobs. This service has been instrumental in helping companies particularly in the construction sectors. As a result we can help with:

Free job postings advertising your needs for workers until July 31, 2013.

To obtain this free advertising for your worker requirements please do the following:

  1. Visit www.HireGroundJobs.com and select the Employer Site in the upper right hand corner
  2. Register as an employer under the Employer Membership Benefits information (Register button).
  3. Email us at marketing@HireGroundSoftware.com indicating how many jobs you would like to advertise. We will give you the simple instructions for posting your jobs.

Less is More

We found an interesting article on the HR Examiner, by Jeff Dickey-Chasins. The article questions why is it that recruiters expect both a huge quantity of applicants as well as a ton of qualified applicants from niche job boards? In fact, the top complaint made about niche job boards is that they don’t generate a lot of applications. HR are used to receiving a high volume of responses from the large, general job board sites, and expect that from the smaller, focused job boards too.

As a niche job board, HireGround agrees with the argument of focusing on what you really need, not on all the extras some companies are promoting. What is needed for HR and Hiring Managers are qualified applicants specific to the industry, not a reach of millions translating to hundreds of resumes to sift through. This is the real benefit of nice job boards – they are industry-focused, and those that apply are more likely to be a good fit for the job.

… rather than ‘having it all’, make sure you’re focusing on the right metric. Don’t focus on volume if you really need quality. Don’t focus on social media if you don’t have the time to do social media. Don’t get sucked into ‘having it all’.

Read the full article here.


A Little-known Benefit of Job Boards for Employers

Employers use job boards almost exclusively for advertising their jobs. This is obvious you might say.  But have you considered another benefit offered by online job sites – your company brand? Job descriptions not only advertise the position, but help create a company image and aid people in forming an opinion about the company, whether good or bad. Job description that are found on multiple sites, seen, shared and saved by thousands can help shape a corporate brand in a major way. Human Resources, through their online job postings, have the power to shape and build a strong employer brand. Continue reading A Little-known Benefit of Job Boards for Employers

Writing a Successful Job Description

help wantedWriting a job posting has become a kind of art these days. Companies vie for the top candidates with videos and humorous descriptions. When videos and witty punchlines don’t fit with your company’s brand, you can still create a compelling job description to attract the right candidates. Here are some interesting tips and tricks to make your job postings more attractive. Continue reading Writing a Successful Job Description