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How small changes to your job posting can make a BIG difference

You’re posting jobs on your careers page and job boards. You’re asking co-workers to recommend people for positions. You might even be tweeting the positions you need filled. But still you’re having trouble filling the right person; Interviewees don’t quite fit. Where are the REALLY good candidates, anyways? You might be surprised – they may be under your nose the whole time. It doesn’t take much to attract them, either: making small, simple changes to your job post might be all you need.

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Engage Persons with Disabilities

Western Canada Initiatives – Viable Calgary

Viable Calgary LogoOur labour force is changing – we’ve heard it time and again. Labour shortages thanks to our aging population preparing to leave the workforce, the declining population of 15-24 year-olds (seniors may outnumber children by 2015), and the decline in net migration mean employers in Canada are going to need to change their approach to recruiting and retaining employees.
Many organizations already have diversity strategies in place, and those who wish to stay competitive are increasingly including persons with disabilities in their employee profiles.
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