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Habitat for Humanity

Several HireGround staff recently volunteered for a Saturday with Habitat for Humanity, in support of one of our programmers, El Arabi (a regular HforH volunteer). Starting with absolutely no construction knowledge, our group was quickly put to work building walls and assembling beams. With support from the wonderful Habitat for Humanity staff and other (experienced) volunteers we helped bring a family’s home one step closer to completion. Beautiful weather and hard work made this day fun and rewarding. Continue reading Habitat for Humanity

Relaunch of the HireGround Job Board!

The HireGroundJobs.com Job Board is undergoing a complete redesign process!

We’ve focused first on improving the candidate experience:

  • A mobile-friendly interface allows users to search and view jobs easily on their smartphones and tablets
  • A clean look, simple navigation and fast page load time
  • No need to log in or create an account, simply search and apply for jobs directly
  • Improved search and browse functions

We’re carrying the redesign out in phases. The first phase will enjoy the above features but will not operate in the same way that the outgoing version does. We will be adding greater functionality in stages, however this first iteration will affect employers in the following ways:

  • Employers will email their job postings to info@HireGroundSoftware.com. Our staff will post the job and notify you once live. Previous employer accounts are no longer accessible.
  • Candidates are directed to apply either through your own online system, or via email.
  • All existing client jobs will display on the new system (no reposting required).
  • Jobs will still cross over to the Indeed, SimplyHired, WowJobs and Trovit job sites.

We trust the HireGround Job Board will continue to deliver great results for your job openings.

See it now at HireGroundJobs.com!

Why HGcareers.com? (for employers)

With all the job boards available these days, it can be difficult to determine which ones are right for your company. There are the giants, Monster and Workopolis, with jobs across North America, in every city, and every industry. There are the aggregators, such as Indeed, which has been rated the most popular job board. So what sets HireGround apart, and above these others?

  1. It is a niche job board. Focused in a particular geographical area (mostly Western Canada), and particular industries (professional, technical & skilled trades), HireGround is directed at a particular audience. Jobs are more likely to be found by the most qualified applicants, who are searching in a particular field. They know that HGcareers.com offers the type of work they want, so instead of sifting through millions of unrelated postings, Jobseekers head over to HireGround, where they find a large proportion of jobs related to their field.
  2. Cross-posting. Get your jobs seen by a wider audience but only post them once. HireGround cross-posts every job to Indeed, Trovit, WowJobs, Oodle, SimplyHired and Twitter. It’s the best of both worlds: a niche board for a select audience, and the reach of the free aggregators. Instead of spending time posting to all of these places, post once, and HireGround spreads the job for you.
  3. Applicant Tracking. HireGround offers a mini version of our ATS system within the HGcareers.com job board. Keep track of your applicants by moving them to different lists (ie. interview, reject, hired). Candidates are given flags if they are new, or if they have applied to a previous position.
  4. Skills ranking. By assigning desired skills and skill levels to your posted jobs, candidates with the closest skill match are automatically ranked highest. By looking at how close a match a candidate is to your desired competencies, you can eliminate unqualified applicants quickly.
  5. Searchable database. An employer membership grants access to the database of job seekers registered with HireGround. Source passive or active qualified applicants using a variety of criteria.
  6. Pricing. Compared to many similar job boards, and to the large paid boards, HireGround offers extremely competitive rates.
  7. Customer Service & Support. Our staff work hard to ensure postings and applications run smoothly, hassle and problem-free.

These benefits, and others, help give HGcareers.com an edge against other job boards.