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Regret Email Options in your ATS

One feature to boost your employer brand

One simple applicant tracking software feature plays a big role in how you are perceived as an employer: the regret letter. Receiving timely feedback and information from an employer, whether good or bad, is always better than silence. Studies have shown that a job seekers single biggest frustration is a lack of feedback from employers.

There are a few options an ATS can offer which make communicating with candidates simple and painless. Different hiring patterns make certain options better suited to your company. Continue reading Regret Email Options in your ATS

The Connected Generation

“One day my father-in-law, who is a confirmed non-internet user, was asked to give a talk at a school regarding Remembrance Day. He spoke about the war and how proud he was to be Canadian and why we have Remembrance Day. When he opened up for questions, one of the children asked why the Canadian flag had two red strips and a red maple leaf on it. He thought quickly on his feet, but wasn’t completely sure of his answer. Before he had finished a youngster had done a Google search and had the correct answer. Needless to say, he was embarrassed and learned a valuable lesson about this generation… you can’t fool them.”

Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2011) are the new generation just starting to enter the workforce.  Each generation brings unique qualities to the age bracket before them, and the rapidly changing global technology has defined Gen Z.

The above story illustrates how connected this young generation is: they use technology instinctively and immediately. This constant connection is one aspect that defines this age group. To a greater degree than the Millennials before them, Gen Z’s rely on and are always attached to their mobile devices. This allows them to be globally aware, constantly socially connected and capable of finding out information instantly.

For an in depth look at Gen Z in the workplace, read the Dawn of Generation Z white paper.


Watch Out for These Problems with your Application Questions

Custom application questionnaires are a great way to gather information to help make better decisions regarding your candidates. When used correctly, question forms can be an effective screening tool.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to overdo a questionnaire, which causes a bad candidate experience, and lowers your employer brand image. Avoid these common mistakes to make your application process both friendly and effective. Continue reading Watch Out for These Problems with your Application Questions

How to Speed Up Your Long Hiring Process

How long does your company take to hire? The average number of days companies take to hire for one position has risen to almost 24, while five years ago, it was only 12 days. What’s going on?

Why is a long time to hire so bad?

First, it costs your company money. If it takes three weeks to fill a position, that role is sitting empty instead of being productive. Employees are juggling extra tasks in the meantime, making them less efficient in their usual roles.

Second, it disrupts a project’s timeline, slowing progress and creating backlog. Deadlines are missed, teams are overworked and issues are unresolved until a key person is hired to fill the gaps.

Third, from a candidate’s perspective, it makes your company look bad. Sitting and waiting during each phase of the process for a company to make a decision, set up an interview, or contact references is a painful experience. The hiring process impacts how a candidate feels about a company – a great hiring process puts a company in a positive light and leads to recommendations, while a slow hiring process hurts a company’s reputation. Continue reading How to Speed Up Your Long Hiring Process

The Real Effects of a Bad Hiring Process

A candidate’s experience during the hiring process directly relates to how they perceive the company, and how likely they are to recommend it to others. With referrals being one of the best ways to gain new employees, a candidate’s impression and recommendation can be very important.

According to a survey by Recruiter.com, for those who felt the hiring process was poor, only 28 percent would recommend the employer to others. However, of those who felt the hiring process was positive, 89 percent would recommend the employer to others.

With such huge disparities, a positive hiring experience makes a significant impact on potential candidates’ opinion of your company. Continue reading The Real Effects of a Bad Hiring Process