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Job Searching over the Holidays

It’s time to take advantage of everything the holidays can offer your job search. What better time to renew old connections and develop new connections than during the holiday season?

It’s a commonly held belief among job seekers that December is a low period for hiring, and a good time to take a break from their career search. This is not true! The holiday season does not mean less hiring, instead, December offers unique opportunities for you to take advantage of. Continue reading Job Searching over the Holidays

Vacation Time Around the World: Infographic

Ever wished you had more vacation days? Or that the office was closed an extra day or two in the summer? It’s interesting how much of a difference in paid holidays there are around the globe. Austrian and Portuguese workers can get over a month of paid time off each year, while the USA has a grand total of zero paid holidays! This makes Canada look like a great place to work, with a modest 18 days each year.