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The Flexible Workplace [Infographic]

Flexible work leads to higher productivity, lower stress and an expanded talent pool among other benefits.  It’s no wonder that more companies are embracing  flexibility and changing the definition of today’s workplace.

Have a look at this infographic from TechnologyAdvice for insight into what types of flexible work exist, why people want greater flexibility and why 9-5 will be a thing of the past.


Infographic: HR Software Outlook for 2015

Let’s take a look at what some HR professionals have revealed about their company’s outlook on software. Results from a survey, conducted by Software Advice, an online resource for HR & recruiting software buyers, shows a glimpse of where HR software is headed.

What we’ve learned:

Most users are generally happy with their software products!

Manual methods, such as spreadsheets are still commonly used, by over two thirds of respondents.

It appears that most companies with under 500 employees are looking to decrease their payroll spending in the next year.

Human resources professionals are slowly adopting mobile technology in their work, with 16% using tablets and 12% using smartphones to access their software. We expect this number to increase over the next year, as more software vendors make their products mobile-friendly and the trend of flexible workplaces continues.

4 Warning Signs That a Job Ad is a Scam

For some people, working from home is a dream job: offering a bit of flexibility, independence, and the chance to work in pajamas. Employers see the value in remote workers as well, and know that these jobs are in high demand. Companies can afford to be selective in who they hire, so if you want to land a remote job, you must prove your trustworthiness and ability to get work done independently, and on time.

If you are searching online for a telecommuting or work from home position, you might think you’ve found the easy way out. Look at all the jobs available, and no experience needed! But look again, how many of those jobs are real? And how many are scams? Continue reading 4 Warning Signs That a Job Ad is a Scam

What’s the Real Advertising Cost per Hire? [Infographic]

We wrote an earlier post about initial survey findings on cost per hire – how much companies spending on advertising for each new employee. The survey, conducted by Software Advice, an online resource for HR & recruiting software buyers, is now complete, and has revealed some interesting trends.
Companies of all sizes, with varying advertising budgets and number of new employees shared how much they are spending to promote their jobs. Continue reading What’s the Real Advertising Cost per Hire? [Infographic]