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NEW: Post to More Job Boards with One Click

The latest update from HireGround add two more job boards to our list of sites we can post your jobs to: Glassdoor.com and Eluta.ca.

Gain better visibility for your jobs without doing any more work. Edits made in our StartDate Applicant Tracking system will be reflected across all job boards, and you have control over when the posting is removed.

With our Job Advertising Package, we now post to the following sites: Indeed, SimplyHired, WowJobs, Trovit, HireGroundJobs, Eluta and Glassdoor.


4 Warning Signs That a Job Ad is a Scam

For some people, working from home is a dream job: offering a bit of flexibility, independence, and the chance to work in pajamas. Employers see the value in remote workers as well, and know that these jobs are in high demand. Companies can afford to be selective in who they hire, so if you want to land a remote job, you must prove your trustworthiness and ability to get work done independently, and on time.

If you are searching online for a telecommuting or work from home position, you might think you’ve found the easy way out. Look at all the jobs available, and no experience needed! But look again, how many of those jobs are real? And how many are scams? Continue reading 4 Warning Signs That a Job Ad is a Scam

Relaunch of the HireGround Job Board!

The HireGroundJobs.com Job Board is undergoing a complete redesign process!

We’ve focused first on improving the candidate experience:

  • A mobile-friendly interface allows users to search and view jobs easily on their smartphones and tablets
  • A clean look, simple navigation and fast page load time
  • No need to log in or create an account, simply search and apply for jobs directly
  • Improved search and browse functions

We’re carrying the redesign out in phases. The first phase will enjoy the above features but will not operate in the same way that the outgoing version does. We will be adding greater functionality in stages, however this first iteration will affect employers in the following ways:

  • Employers will email their job postings to info@HireGroundSoftware.com. Our staff will post the job and notify you once live. Previous employer accounts are no longer accessible.
  • Candidates are directed to apply either through your own online system, or via email.
  • All existing client jobs will display on the new system (no reposting required).
  • Jobs will still cross over to the Indeed, SimplyHired, WowJobs and Trovit job sites.

We trust the HireGround Job Board will continue to deliver great results for your job openings.

See it now at HireGroundJobs.com!

Don’t get Caught: Job Scams

A job scam is a fake job posting that tries to trick job seekers into giving away their personal information. The more desperate a person is to find a job, the more susceptible they are, and online scams take advantage of this. Be smart and careful in your job search, and you won’t get caught in a trap.

US News has recently written an article on this subject, with 5 suggestions for avoiding scams. Essentially, their advice is to be cautious and skeptical when doing a search, especially when a job seems to good to be true:

“Arm yourself with knowledge about common scams, research companies before you apply and trust your instincts to avoid getting involved with people who hope to take advantage of you.” Continue reading Don’t get Caught: Job Scams

Writing an Effective Online Job Posting

Job boards attract a high number of job posting views and generate a lot of applicants. Some of these candidates are a good fit for the position, while others are rejected immediately. What can you do to attract more of those qualified candidates? One key factor is how the job description is written. Optimize your job ads with these tips:

1. Use keywords in the title. When job seekers perform a search, the closer your job title matches what they are searching for, the higher it will rank in the results. Avoid odd descriptors (like ‘ninja’ or ‘guru’) and consider including the job location. See our previous post on writing a job title for SEO for more.

2. Avoid words that are company-specific. So the job is a ‘Pay grade C’ or ‘Level 4 Coordinator’ – what does that mean? Unique department names, tasks or processes will only serve to confuse job seekers and make them unsure if they are qualified for the job. Instead of company jargon, use generic terms instead.

3. Keep it snappy. Job seekers don’t like to read descriptions any more than HR likes to read cover letters. They will skip straight to the bullet points under ‘requirements’ after reading the title. Keep the description limited to only the most pertinent information – not a list of every single task the person would perform after two paragraphs about the company’s history and values. An enticing read will attract more candidates and make the company seem less corporate and dry. Removing the extra fluff about ‘ability to maintain positive relationships’ and ‘capable of learning’ will make the more important duties and requirements seem more important – discouraging unqualified applicants. Everyone can say they can ‘work cooperatively’ but not everyone has ‘experience with X industry and Y program’.

4. Give instructions about how to apply. If you require a cover letter, proof of certification and availability, make sure to clearly state this at the bottom of the job description. These instructions act as a call to action: encouraging candidates to apply or ask for more information, and giving them brief directions on how. This will help ensure you get the information you need in the format you need it in.

5. Consider your audience. For many companies, the general tone of the letter might be the same for each job, but it can make a difference if you are trying to attract certain kinds of candidates. If you are advertising for a creative position, often a more casual tone is more effective, while a management position will need a more serious and business-like tone. A student will not want to apply for an intern position that is rigid and full of corporate jargon, any more than a career-focused suit will want to apply for a job that uses slang and exclamation marks.

Free Job Postings: Alberta Clean-up

Assistance with Challenges of Finding Flood Damage Assistance

We at HireGround Jobs recognize the challenges with finding available workers to assist with the flood damage rebuild for southern Alberta. Our team owns rubber boots and can shovel mud with the best, but felt that offering our job advertising services would be of greater assistance during this challenging time.

HireGround Software owns and operates a job board that assists companies in filling skilled worker and professional jobs. This service has been instrumental in helping companies particularly in the construction sectors. As a result we can help with:

Free job postings advertising your needs for workers until July 31, 2013.

To obtain this free advertising for your worker requirements please do the following:

  1. Visit www.HireGroundJobs.com and select the Employer Site in the upper right hand corner
  2. Register as an employer under the Employer Membership Benefits information (Register button).
  3. Email us at marketing@HireGroundSoftware.com indicating how many jobs you would like to advertise. We will give you the simple instructions for posting your jobs.