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Overused Resume Words to Avoid

Want your resume to be different? Avoiding these top 10 most commonly used buzzwords could be a good start. LinkedIn has compiled a list of commonly used terms across all users’ profiles. Here are the results:

What should you use instead of these great terms? Well, synonyms are fine, for example ‘motivated‘ or ‘driven‘ could be replaced by ‘inspired‘.  However, we suggest that instead of simply saying you are ‘passionate’ or ‘strategic’ give a concrete example on your resume proving it.

What problems did your strategy solve? How did you go above the expected because of your passion for the work?

Writing a resume using achievements instead of adjectives will make you stand out more than just switching synonyms. See the original story over at LinkedIn’s Blog:

Brand YOU Year: How to Brand Yourself Without Sounding Like Everyone Else

Job Hunting in 2015: Starting strong

Time for a change? If you are looking for something new, or a fresh beginning, start your job hunt strong in 2015 with these simple steps.

Start with a clean slate.

Literally. Before you dive into resume editing and job applications, take time to clean your workspace. Organize papers, clear off your desk and put all those miscellaneous items away. A clean environment can help refresh your brain and make you feel ready for a new start.

Don’t stop there, clean up your digital workspace as well. Is your computer a maze of folders, shortcuts and files? How about all those items in your downloads folder you haven’t ‘put away’ yet? Manage your email folders and aim for Inbox Zero. Cleaning up your digital workspace feels just as satisfying as cleaning your physical one. Continue reading Job Hunting in 2015: Starting strong

Should I apply to a job if I don’t have enough experience?

If you are currently in your first several years in the workforce you will have seen job postings that you like, but that ask for 4 or 5 years of experience. With only one, two or three years under your belt, should you even bother applying?

The short answer? Yes.

Here are the reasons why you should apply for those jobs that are a stretch:

What’s the worst that can happen? You get rejected. That’s it. Well this is no surprise: you know the job is a long shot anyway. What’s the best that can happen? You get called in for an interview. Even better, you land the job. There’s really nothing to lose here.

Get over your fear of rejection. You will be rejected for countless jobs and opportunities throughout your life – being afraid of hearing ‘no’ shouldn’t be a barrier to making the attempt.

Get your foot in the door. You may not be the right fit for the job you applied for, but the company may like what they see and consider you for a similar position. By applying, you are making potential connections and getting your resume in front of the companies you’d like to work for.

When is applying a bad idea?

When you don’t have even close to enough experience. If you are fresh out of school and applying for jobs asking for 5 years experience, your expectations are too high. You will appear completely out of touch with how workplaces function and possibly come across as arrogant or entitled.

If the job is way outside your field. Missing a few years of experience is not as big a deal if you are already on the path to earning that experience, but don’t apply for a job that is outside of your career path. You need to show you have excelled at similar jobs, and if you don’t have much related experience, you simply can’t show that.

Make your application top notch.

The only way you will be considered for a position when you are under-experienced is if your resume proves you have the potential to do the job. You have to give great examples of how you excel at your current position and related positions, how you have gone above expectations and how you are a top performer. Without a stellar resume, your long-shot application simply won’t be considered.