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Alberta Job Outlook 2015

The job outlook for Alberta is looking grim, according to Global News. In fact, it is expected to be one of the weakest years for job growth in the past 25 years.

Competition for skilled jobs is expected to be fierce in the coming year. With the cost of oil rising, the big players – and big employers – in the energy market are being more conservative instead of spending money on growth.

Experts say the the government should continue to support projects that create and maintain jobs for Albertans despite the economic downturn, however, it’s too early to say what the strategy will be to keep the employment rate high in 2015.

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How to Boost Your Resume – Opportunities in the Welding Industry

You’ve been working in the welding industry for quite some time now. In fact, you’re pretty sure that you have about five years of experience. Isn’t it about time that you look for opportunities for promotion? If advancing in your career as a welder sounds like something you’re interested in, then it’s time for you to dust off your old resume and look for ways to improve it. You might even want to consider trashing the old one and creating an entirely new resume. Continue reading How to Boost Your Resume – Opportunities in the Welding Industry

Best jobs for the near future

If you are trying to decide on a career path or looking to change careers, this list is for you. Kiplinger has compiled some of the best, high paying and low stress jobs that will be in demand in the next few years. These professions are all expected to expand, meaning high employment rates and job security.

In the skilled trades professions, Brickmasons are in high-demand to keep up with the growing housing market. Start with a paid apprenticeship, and work your way up to being self-employed in a few years.

Personal Finance Advisor. This career path involves a little more education, but is very well paid. Financial Advisors are particularly needed by the baby boomer generation who are starting to retire.

The baby boomers are making Physical Therapy a popular profession as well, as aging bodies require more therapy and rehabilitation after injury, strokes or heart attacks.

See Kiplinger’s full list here.

In Demand Jobs for 2014

Across Canada, the demand for workers has grown over the past year, and is expected to continue to climb in 2014. This is especially true in Western Canada, with those provinces posting over 40% of the country’s job openings at the end of the past year. Employers trying to fill these positions are looking across the entire country for suitable workers.

The biggest growth was seen in the hospitality and skilled trades industries. Hospitality job postings grew by 46% year over year, while the trades were up 40%.

One out of every five job postings in Canada targets the skilled trades.

21,600 jobs were added in Canada in November alone this year, with Alberta leading the provinces with the most jobs openings.  For those looking for work, the job market is looking very strong in the coming years, especially in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Alberta has an unemployment rate of less than 5%, and under 4% for the oilfield area of Fort McMurray. There’s an extremely high demand for well-paying positions such as oil & gas supervisor, petroleum engineers and chemical workers.

The Canadian Business Top 10 Jobs by Demand predicts that the following jobs will continue to grow in the coming years, as the baby boomer generation retires, and the West continues to thrive. By 2020, these jobs are all projected to have more openings than there are people looking for work.

  1. Mining, oil & gas supervisor
  2. Pilot
  3. College Instructor
  4. Railway & transporation supervisor
  5. Power systems operator
  6. Health-care managers
  7. Education administrator
  8. Head nurse
  9. Railway conductor & brakemen/women
  10. Dental Hygienist


Source: Canadian Business Canada’s Best Jobs 2013


Great Interview Tips For Skilled Trades Positions

How to dress

Trade skill workers sometimes do very (literally) dirty jobs, but that doesn’t mean you dress down for the job. Opt for the ‘smart casual’ look to ensure you communicate your professionalism.

Always remember, let the type of job dictate the type of clothes you wear. You want to be taken seriously, whether you’re applying for a position as a professional or as a welder.

Situational Interview Questions

In this type of interview, you are given a hypothetical situation and asked how you would handle it. You should use past work experiences and explain how you handled it. The interviewer is trying to assess your problem solving skills and how you handle on-the-job challenges. Continue reading Great Interview Tips For Skilled Trades Positions

7 Top Industries to Work in: 2013

These industries are the hottest in Canada, with a higher demand for workers and lower unemployment rates. Consider the following if you are looking to switch careers, or decide on a long term career path.

Accounting/Financial Management – Jobs are available for public and private companies, government and international markets.

Skilled Trades – There’s a high demand for skilled trades workers, especially in the Western Canada Oil & Gas sector, and jobs are starting to boom in Saskatchewan. Check hireGroundJobs.com for the latest postings. Continue reading 7 Top Industries to Work in: 2013