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StartDate ATS Updates 2016

It’s been a busy year so far for the HireGround dev team. We’ve pushed out several exciting changes and feature improvements to the StartDate ATS.

The most noteworthy updates include:

joblist-2016The careers page which shows an employer’s job listings has been given a makeover. It now features a streamlined list of job titles with a brief description. We’ve removed the often lengthy job summary, which  makes the jobs easier to browse. The location, category and industry options remain at the left hand side for easy filtering. Continue reading StartDate ATS Updates 2016

NEW: Post to More Job Boards with One Click

The latest update from HireGround add two more job boards to our list of sites we can post your jobs to: Glassdoor.com and Eluta.ca.

Gain better visibility for your jobs without doing any more work. Edits made in our StartDate Applicant Tracking system will be reflected across all job boards, and you have control over when the posting is removed.

With our Job Advertising Package, we now post to the following sites: Indeed, SimplyHired, WowJobs, Trovit, HireGroundJobs, Eluta and Glassdoor.


Relaunch of the HireGround Job Board!

The HireGroundJobs.com Job Board is undergoing a complete redesign process!

We’ve focused first on improving the candidate experience:

  • A mobile-friendly interface allows users to search and view jobs easily on their smartphones and tablets
  • A clean look, simple navigation and fast page load time
  • No need to log in or create an account, simply search and apply for jobs directly
  • Improved search and browse functions

We’re carrying the redesign out in phases. The first phase will enjoy the above features but will not operate in the same way that the outgoing version does. We will be adding greater functionality in stages, however this first iteration will affect employers in the following ways:

  • Employers will email their job postings to info@HireGroundSoftware.com. Our staff will post the job and notify you once live. Previous employer accounts are no longer accessible.
  • Candidates are directed to apply either through your own online system, or via email.
  • All existing client jobs will display on the new system (no reposting required).
  • Jobs will still cross over to the Indeed, SimplyHired, WowJobs and Trovit job sites.

We trust the HireGround Job Board will continue to deliver great results for your job openings.

See it now at HireGroundJobs.com!

Cool new ATS features – Software Update

After being in the HR Software business for several years, our team at HireGround has learned a few things about software and about human resources needs. When developing our latest product (the StartDate ATS) our team has taken the approach of starting with the  fundamental needs and making those base features the best they can be. We ask potential and current clients what their needs are and what would make their job easier. Using these methods we have been continually adding features, with each one carefully thought out and developed to solve real HR needs.

Our latest feature release is the largest to date, and encompasses a number of exciting updates:

Twitter integration: connect your corporate Twitter account (or accounts) to broadcast your jobs. Choose what date and time the tweet is posted, as well as customize the message for each job if needed. Being able to schedule the tweet within the system means that you don’t have to worry about an internal posting going public too soon!

New ‘look’: this update gives a flatter look to all buttons and a lighter weight to our page headings among other modifications, keeping the system on top of current design trends.

Multiple candidate pipelines: Is the hiring process the same for a construction labourer as for a marketing manager? Of course not. Now users can have different sets of hiring stages depending on the job, department or division.

Coming up: a redesigned dashboard, showing current jobs and candidate status so a user can see at a glance what is going on, and where action is needed. Reports are being expanded to take into account those multiple candidate pipelines, and to give more meaning to some of the other features. For example, reporting on why candidates are being rejected, in what step of the hiring process and where they applied from will shed light on which advertising mediums bring the most qualified candidates.