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Next Directions for Social Media and Jobs

Twitter - a social media websiteSocial Media – networking using websites such as Facebook and Twitter – is becoming the choice for many job seekers looking for their next career. Job postings are appearing on these sites in droves, leaving some questions as to where job boards play in this mix.

The HireGround Job Board has found that participating in Social Media has offered another alternative for advertising our client’s openings. Our board reduces workload for clients even more as a result, freeing up the time it takes to participate in Social Media while delivering gains from these sites. We at HireGround are proud to say we are now able to deliver information through these social networks about our client positions, using this medium to source candidates in a whole new way.

8 easy steps to successfully onboard a new hire

picture of new hire

You’ve filtered the résumés, interviewed the candidates, and sent out the offer letter. The candidate signed the offer letter and starts on Monday – great! But it’s not over yet: your candidate may still be receiving offers from other companies.

Follow these 8 easy steps to guarantee your hire will be productive immediately:

1. Send a welcome e-mail
It’s a small gesture, but it sends that initial “welcome!” and resulting warm-fuzzy feeling gives a positive impression to new employees and gives them more respect for you and your company. Continue reading 8 easy steps to successfully onboard a new hire

Online is Changing the Recruitment Process

You’re advertising for a new position within your company: these days, candidates may find your advertised position on one of many social networking sites, an online job board, or (if you rank high in online searches) possibly your company careers page. This means a whole new rethink of how and where you find your next hires. This will only become more critical as we meet some of the low unemployment numbers projected for 2011 and on in Canada.

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Recruitment Costs Escalate Without Recruitment Software

“Three years ago, a large corporation head office in Denver estimated their cost-per-hire at $5,500, which includes print advertising, agency fees, and relocation costs. Last year, after implementing an applicant tracking system (ATS), they reduced cost-per-hire to $1,600. With 1,700 positions filled annually, these reductions have added up to $6.6 million in savings.”

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How small changes to your job posting can make a BIG difference

You’re posting jobs on your careers page and job boards. You’re asking co-workers to recommend people for positions. You might even be tweeting the positions you need filled. But still you’re having trouble filling the right person; Interviewees don’t quite fit. Where are the REALLY good candidates, anyways? You might be surprised – they may be under your nose the whole time. It doesn’t take much to attract them, either: making small, simple changes to your job post might be all you need.

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