ATS Myth Busted: Good candidates will never be discarded!

“Applicant tracking software rejects good candidates.” That is a complaint that comes from using systems that have been configured or used incorrectly. ATS software should never reject what may be a good candidate!

One example of how a candidate could be discarded is when a recruiter uses automatic filtering, or pre-screening ‘stop questions’.  If a candidate answers a certain question incorrectly, they may be filtered out of the main candidate list.  It is up to the recruiter to create these questions in a way that only completely unqualified applicants are auto-rejected.

Filtering and screening questions work in different ways from system to system, but any candidate who applies should always be accessible to the recruiter. In our example, an unqualified candidate is auto-rejected, however it is still easy to view her profile if needed.

Only recruiters who are misusing powerful system tools like filtering and stop questions may lose candidates – it is then the fault of the recruiter, not the ATS itself.

Check out our latest Tech Tips video for an example: