Did you miss it? HR Tech Monthly Round-up for May

We’ve listed a collection of not-to-miss articles from around the web from the month of May. The latest news, innovations, changes and happenings in the world of HR technology.

A look at Mobilegeddon: Google now places importance on whether your website is mobile-friendly. With 70% of people searching for jobs on their mobile device, how will your company’s careers pages fare?

Don’t worry about building a special app, aside from the pain of developing and maintaining, job seekers are commonly doing their searches through Google. Recruiter.com agrees, “Employers don’t have to worry about creating an app for every mobile device or mobile operating system: just one responsive career website, and every base is covered.”


The Impact of mobile recruiting on click to apply rates: The longer it takes for a candidate to apply, the more likely they are to drop off. This is compounded hugely for applicants using mobile devices.

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How fast is too fast? Recruiters should reply back quickly to candidates they are interested in, but how soon is too soon? A short and humourous post by Tim Sackett on FOT.


Pitfalls of Selecting the wrong Personality Assessment Tool: don’t let a poor assessment tool give skewed results and affect your company brand by frustrating candidates. What to avoid and what to look for in testing software.

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