Sherritt International

October 27, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

It gives me great pleasure to recommend HireGround Corporate Solutions to the XXXXX I have worked with HireGround since September, 2007. In that time, they successfully implemented and trained Sherritt International on their Applicant Tracking System and have provided continuous customer support and custom configurations. I am pleased to recommend to you their software and services.

During the initial inquiry and proposal phase, Marilynn Kalman worked with us to come up with the most appropriate ATS package for our company. We find Marilynn to be very approachable and she is genuinely interested in our feedback.

Throughout the implementation and training phases, HireGround provided superior customer service. Terry Williams lead his technical team and was in constant communication with our group during the entire process. For training, Terry customized a lesson pan and reviewed this plan twice prior to going live. We found training to be very beneficial and when we went live, our Human Resource team was very comfortable with the system.

Martin Albertsen has always been quick to reply to any technical support inquires that we have. Together, Martin and Terry have always been able to address any customization requirements that we would like to have implemented. For example, in 2010, we requested that our career postings also go to our internal pages via an RSS feed for both the internal and external postings. We also wanted our internal postings to be noted in the job title. HireGround added this new feature in a short period of time.

We additionally required changes to our careers pages as we changed our website hosting company. HireGround needed to redirect all links to the Sherritt website, incorporate the new page into the header and footer and proof all changes to ensure accurately. The HireGround team accomplished this in a quick and courteous manner.

Most recently, in July, 2011, we worked with Terry and Andrei Filonov to revise the Sherritt careers pages again. Several iterations of changes were implemented on the corporate and HireGround beta sites. Upon approval of these changes, they were moved to the production side, checked and any new cosmetic inconsistencies were fixed. Again, this change request was done within a reasonable time.

Sherritt International currently has eight (8) Supervisor and 22 Manager Licenses with our Applicant Tracking System. We additionally use the Resume Converter Module. Overall, we find the software very easy to use and are pleased that our data is hosted here in Canada. We feel very comfortable knowing that if require any customizations to our current careers pages and the ATS software, including link changes, cross-posting functionality, etc, that the HireGround team is competent and will address change orders efficiently. We look forward to our continued relationship and I would recommend them to any business in need of an online recruitment management system.

Should you require any further information about HireGround or the team members please feel free to contact me.


Gregory Scott
Sherritt International